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About Us

Token Flow Insights was born from a simple idea - that the DeFi ecosystem is becoming increasingly complex and interlinked, but that as open protocols on public blockchains that this complex web of interactions and transactions can be deciphered, classified and contextualized through robust data analysis and deep blockchain understanding.

We are a team of data scientists, blockchain engineers, and product developers who have worked in both traditional markets and in the blockchain and DeFi ecosystem. We bring this combined experience together to create Token Flow Insights: the source of contextualized analytics for the DeFi liquidity ecosystem.

To do this we build commercial products such as Token Flow data via API and dashboards, and we launch and contribute to open source blockchain and data tools such as EthTx.

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What we offer

  • Exciting work at the intersection of blockchain and data engineering;

  • Flexible and remote working;
  • A results, not hours, focused culture;
  • Competitive remuneration;
  • Equity options;
  • Annual bonus based on company performance;
  • Referral and other reward schemes.